Tuesday, 12 November 2013

IABNM Goes to Swindon

It's been a long time since I posted anything. I haven't been completely inactive and have been working on ironing out the gaps in IABNM. Last week I was invited to take IABNM on the road to Swindon where there's an avid following of IABSM so the bases of the rules were already known to the players. I set up a West German vs Soviet encounter with a mechanised company and a tank platoon aside with artillery support.
A quick view of the table from the north. The Commies were tasked with securing a route westwards, the forces of freedom with making sure that this didn't happen.

A close up of where the battle was likely to be focussed. The table was set up by the guys from Swindon so I can't claim credit for the terrain.

The Germans entered on blinds looking like they were concentrating on pushing into the village.

The Soviets entered on blinds taking seeking to use the woods and hills to cover their advance.

A platoon of Panzergrenadiers attempts to outflank the village from the north but is seen moving across open and the Marders are quickly destroyed..... the Soviet tank platoon that has taken up position on a low ridge.....

......before advancing rapidly.

The German tanks take up a similar position on the opposite side.

They inflict some quick kills on a platoon of Soviet Motor Rifles making a dash for the village. A platoon of Panzergrenadiers reaches the village and opens fire with its 20mms on the Soviet infantry.

The other Panzergrenadier platoon moves through the village and unloads its passengers to seize the buildings on the far side.

The Soviet tanks pour HE into the village as they advance.

The Leopards advance wisely reserving dice in case of the unexpected happening.

Unfortunately we were pushed for time and had to call it a day. it was a good try out for version 4 of the playtest rules plus I got to learn a bit more about IABSM which of course is relevant to IABNM