Monday, 25 February 2013

I Ain't Been Nuked Mum - First Playtest

Last Thursday was my first chance to playtest IABNM. It was also the baptism of fire for my 15mm Cold War West Germans and Soviets.

A Soviet recce company of was scouting ahead for its parent Motor Rifle regiment
looking for trouble. It consisted of:

Company command - 2 BRDM2U with a Level 3 Big Man

1 Light Recce Platoon - 2 BRDM2 with a Level 2 Big Man

2 Mechanised Platoons - each 3 BMP1 carrying an infantry section and commanded
by a Level 2 Big Man

1 FOO in an ACRV2 with Higher Level artillery avaialable.

The Soviets deployed 6 blinds including one for being a recce force.

Facing this was a Heimatschutz Jaeger force of:

1 Level 3 Big Man in command with an infantry section

2 platoons - each of 3 sections (one with Milan) and a Level 2 Big Man

Off-table helicopter support (BO105Ps with HOT)

The West Germans player had played IABSM before. The Soviet player had not
played any Lardy game before but had been in the Royal Tank Regiment in BAOR in
the later 1980s.

The table is set. The terrain is improvised for the first game and will get better when I make some buildings and road.

The West Germans deploy their blinds, seemingly concerned about a Soviet thrust around their left.
After sending attempting to uncover German positions with some dummy blinds, a move that is quickly rumbled, the Soviets send a platoon of BRDM2s along the road. Poor convoy movement dice mean that these fail to make much headway and also fail to spot any German blinds.

The first 2 BRDMs are destroyed by well-aimed German Panzerfaust 44s. A HOT launched by an off-table helicopter soon acounts for the fourth armoured car. The Big Man directs his driver to shleter behind the nearest building.
A platoon of mechanised infantry arrives and deploys 2 of its sections who advance using thei vehicles for cover.
One of the BMPs is hit in the side by a MILAN and brews up inflicting shock on the infantry it was supporting. The infantry then come under small arms fire.

The other 2 BMPs are also hit forcing the Big Man to escape with his section.
The other mechanised infantry platoon attempts to outflank the German left flank. The first BMP is knocked out by an off-table helicopter and the infantry bail out. The other 2 BMPs continue to advance with infantry mounted.

The Soviet artillery observer arrives and takes up position in a building.

One Soviet section advances through a wood towwards the edge of the hamlet.

The Soviets storm one edge of the hamlet and, after a lengthy close combat, drives the defenders out.

One German platoon launches a counter-attack to retake the lost building.

At the end the Soviet attack had been held. It was a useful game, showing up a number of areas for attention in Version 0.1 of the rules, and the participants were keen to play again.

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