Sunday, 16 June 2013

Market Larden Part 2 - A Crossroads Near Lardsburg

The second game of the Wyvern Lardy Day was a meeting engagement between a Soviet recce company of BMPs and T64s and a similarly-sized West German force of Marders and Leopards. The object of the game was to seize the crossroads near to the small village of Lardsburg.

A view of the table from the south with the Soviets entering from the right as the two sides read their briefings and concoct cunning plans:

The Soviets entered first but the West Germans sent a platoon to grab a vantage point on a small hill where they quickly deployed:

The Soviet direct thrust for the crossroads was spotted and the Germans poured fire into the BMPs and infantry. The Marders' cannons made quick work of the BMPs while small arms failed to inflict casualties but caused shock on the infantry:

A Soviet recce section had managed to infiltrate the village undetected and sprung a surprise on the Germans:

.... destroying a Marder with an RPG and inflicting casualties:

 The Soviet platoon left its wrecked BMPs behind and moved through the village to engage its ambushers:

Making use of local knowledge, the Germans move through the wood to the south:

The Soviets engage the Germans in a firefight from the cover of the buildings:

The German outflanking move clears the wood but is concerned about the possibility of Soviet forces in the wood in front:

The effect of the Soviet fire is felt as 3 Marders are hit and the infantry take shock:

The main Soviet attack develops to the north of the village as the tanks platoon advances with the other motor rifle platoon:

The Soviet commander observes the action from a vantage point:

Deciding that there is nothing to worry about in the woods, the German tanks move towards the objective:

It's a game of cat and cat as the Soviet tanks move to engage:

...and inflict 2 kills:

Although a T64 is immobilised in return:

The Soviet infantry advances from the village: the Germans withdraw from the hill. To their right the other German mechanised platoon pours fire into the village, the 20mms inflicting major casualties and forcing a Soviet withdrawal from the buildings:

By the end the Soviet infantry had suffered crippling losses but they had 2 tanks fully operational, while the Germans had lost one of their mechanised platoons and their tanks. Control of the crossroads was disputed with both sides needing reinforcements to succeed in their missions. it was another hard fought action in the best spirit of the day. Thanks to Noddy and Elton for commanding the Soviets and to Nathan for leading the West Germans.

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