Wednesday, 10 July 2013

From the Halls of the shores of the Baltic Sea

Tired of reading about the landlubbers gaining all the glory, the USMC got in on the act last night. The aim of the game was to test the attack helicopter and air assault rules.

A company of the USMC was given the mission of seizing a vital crossroads aided by 4 AH-1W Cobras. Seeking to prevent this was a weakened company of the Baltic Fleet Naval Infantry.

A quick view of the objective lying between woods, hills and wooded hills. The Soviet defenders deployed with most of their force hidden at the edges of the two wooded hills close to the crossroads:

First to arrive for the USMC were the Cobras, flying in low:
Two Cobras move in to soften up areas of likely Soviet deployment:

.....covered by their wingmen:

At the edge of a wood a Soviet marine switches on the infra-red tracking system of his SA-16 and locks onto the tail of a Cobra. He fires:

.....and- against the odds - misses. The covering Cobra lets off a burst with its 30mm Gatling and the SA-16 group won't be bothering anybody again. With the SAM out of the way, the Cobras are left to attack the Soviet infantry:

Who open fire with AKs and RPDs:

Rocket pods strike home inflicting casualties and shock:

It's likes bees round a honey pot as the Cobras, their rocket pods emptied, fire their gatlings into the edges of the woods.

The Soviets fire back but woeful shooting means they can't hit a barn door or, more significantly, a tail rotor:

With the defence suppressed, the landing force arrives

The Sea Knights land and deposit the infantry who take some casualties from the surviving Soviets, but the objective is quickly secured and the remaining defenders sent packing:

Their work done, the Sea Knights take off:

.....and leave the table:

It wasn't a close game although an early kill by the SA-16 might have change things a bit. However the helicopter rules were given a good run through and a couple of minor issues were ironed out. Playtest version 3 is ready, we're nearly done.


  1. Cool game report. The cobras seemed overpowering with only one AA unit on the table.

  2. Thanks Chris. It turned into a walkover but needn't have been. The SA-16 would be expected to take out at least one chopper and the US decision to overwatch with 2 Cobras paid a big dividend in taking out the AA team at the start. The Soviets put alot of fire back without effect which was a bit unlucky for them. Also the US found both defending platoons quickly. If one had stayed hidden until the Sea Knights landed they could have caused carnage. So much can hinge on a couple of events.