Monday, 3 February 2014

A Day at The Island

A fortnight ago I had the honour of taking IABNM to the celebrated Lard Island for a game with Richard Clarke, author of IABSM on which it draws heavily. The game saw a Soviet Motor Rifle Company with attached tanks attacking to seize a vital approach through a hamlet opposed by a weakened Bundeswehr company with a pair of Leopards in support.

Rich took the Reds and dropped some smoke......

.......which he used to cover the flank of his advance as a load of blinds approached the big wood on his right:

A platoon of infantry holding the German right flank deployed from their blind and opened fire with their Milans.....

Picking off the Company Command BTR and the ACRV artillery observation vehicle, both high priority targets for NATO anti-tank teams. The Observer escaped but the senior Big Man did not:

The Soviet tanks were somewhat annoyed by the loss of their commander and rapidly pumped 125mm HE at the Germans who took several casualties and shock:

Some Soviet blinds made it to the German edge of the wood where the machine section (6 men with 3 LMGs) took up position but immediately came under fire from the two German section in the buildings. The LMG section took heavy casualties and fell back but 2 Soviet platoons commenced a firefight before assaulting the hamlet.

Numbers proved decisive and the defenders were overrun:

Things were looking grim for the Germans and they needed a few of their cards to come up. One did, an off-table BO105P became available:

....and scored a direct hit on a T64's side with a HOT:

Then the Leopards were activated for the first time. With impeccable manoeuvring and shooting they moved from their ambush positions and despatched the 3 remaining T64s:
 The Soviet infantry though were swarming through the village and both Leopards fell victim to side RPG hits.
 With only a skeleton force with no Milans left there was little to stop the Red horde progressing.

A good fast game with plenty of shooting and a few tense moments which we both enjoyed. Publication shouldn't be too long.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm pleased to see someones developing a Modern version of IABSM. Will it be suitable for the Yom Kippur War?