Friday, 27 March 2015

Gearing Up for OML3

6 June is D-Day, or maybe that should be L-Day as it will be the third Lardy Games Day in the glorious Vale of Evesham hosted by the Wyvern Wargames guys. Having got my booking in early I shall be there, and will be putting on another episode of IABNM.

The previous 2 OMLs have been a lot of fun but there's been one problem. To put it bluntly, my tables haven't been up to it. If you saw any of the photos from OML2 you will have been struck by the high quality of the terrain - Sidney Roundwood's Verdun showed what could be done with a bit of effort:
So I need to make a better job of it this year.

To this end I've started to get organised. The scenario isn't set in stone yet - in fact there might be one, two, or one big game(s) depending on interest - but I've got a pretty good idea of what I want to do.

First, I've acquired a river from ebay and a bridge from Ironclad:

The bridge is actually 20mm I think but it makes a pretty good big robust West German structure:

A trawl through ebay has also come up with some stuff intended for model railways but very suitable for the fighting around the Fulda Gap. The correct gauge for 15mm is TT but I've found that some HO (1/87) will fit in:

I might want to represent the Bundesbahn too and have enlisted the help of the 'Evil Empire' who make some decent stuff:

Also been working my way through my lead (and plastic and resin) pile, completing the company of T62s (QRF):

and a US mech company (Battlefront with QRF Ford MUTTs), the infantry already being done:

There will be regular updates as the table (all 8' by 6' of it) starts to take shape.


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