Thursday, 16 April 2015

Im Garten - Getting Ready for OML3

I've been busy getting the town to look more like a town. I've been taken with the 4ground buildings ever since I saw them, especially because it's possible to put figures inside on each floor. To get the best out of them they need some surroundings.

First I made some pavement using mdf and some adhesive covering with a paved effect:

  Then I set to work on the gardens. Mdf with grass matting and fences from ebay, more of the self-adhesive paving for a patio, and some clutter from a German model railway  manufacturer:

The flowers were from ebay:

 I've also made versions without the fences in case someone tries to drive a T80 through the gardens - tut, no respect for property those commies!
 Overall that looks more like a nice neat German town.

Warning to chopper pilots - watch out for the cables! Despite being HO OO scale these work very well and should make life difficult for Hind pilots.


  1. That looks fantastic! What ebay site did you get those flowers and plants from? I have been trying to find flowers like that for ages.

  2. The seller is tajima1 on

    Good service, wide range and easy to apply.