Thursday, 23 April 2015

Quick Review - QRF T64B

There has been a bit of discussion on TMP about the correct Soviet tanks to use for IABNM and who makes them in 15mm.

The most common Soviet tank to be encountered by NATO on the Central Front would have been the T64 (not, repeat NOT the T72 which were supplied to some satellites but were otherwise kept safely at home in the good ol' U of SSR).There is only one manufacturer of T64s in 15mm which is QRF who make 3 variants - the basic T64A, the upgraded T64B and the T64BV with reactive armour stuck all over it. The latter can be seen in some of my AARs, but I've recently acquired 10 of the T64B to make a full company, so I'm going to take a closer look at it.

The tank comes as a kit in a ziplock plastic bag.

It consists of 8 parts - hull, 2 sets of tracks and running gear (identical and reversible so useable for both sides), gun barrel, 2 parts for deep wading snorkel and the AAHMG.

The casting is very clean. There are some faint mold lines, which are easily removed by a quick scrape with a model knife, and very little flash. It is necessary to drill into the mantlet cover to make a hole for the barrel lug. I also drilled out the other end a little. A small hole in front of the cupola to hold the lug on the AAHMG is needed too. The drilling aside, the parts go together easily and there's no need for any filling.
There is no picture of this model on the QRF/TSS website so I went to Jane's Armour and Artillery 1986-7 to find a picture for positioning the wading bits on the back of the turret.

Overall a good model. Here's the first half of the company, ready for the spray booth:

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